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Stay hydrated this summer says local home care provider

Jun 17
Older people, their families, friends and neighbours are encouraged to think about staying hydrated this summer. Individuals have a moral duty to support vulnerable people who may be at risk, in any way they can, leading home care provider Bluebird Care has urged.

As the weather starts to get warmer and the sun starts to come out, Bluebird Care is sending out the strong message that heat and sun exposure is extremely serious and potentially life threatening – and is urging people across the UK to stay hydrated and prepare for the hotter days with some simple tips to stay safe in the sun.

Due to the soaring temperatures in July 2016 there were 1,661 deaths recorded in England & Wales, compared with a five year average of 1,267 (ONS, 2016). This highlights the danger of high temperatures and the importance of being prepared. Staying hydrated is essential particularly for those in high risk groups, such as babies, children and older people.

Government recommendations suggest everyone should have around 6-8 glasses a day, which can be water or sugar free drinks (NHS Eatwell Guide, 2016).

Bluebird Care have launched their Summer Hydration initiative. As part of this they will be sharing tips across social media and sharing links to national resources to help ensure everyone is prepared for the hotter weather.

summer hydration in text

With the frequent and sudden changes in British weather Bluebird Care want to issue a reminder for people to get prepared for the hotter weather.
Tips from the NHS include:
  • Keep your home cool by closing your blinds and curtains
  • Avoid extreme heat where possible
  • Stay hydrated with water, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks
  • Stay alert by keeping up to date with weather forecasts
  • Check on relatives and neighbours who may be most at risk
  • If you need to go outside plan ahead, have plenty of food and water as well as sun protection (sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses)
  • Avoid outings in the middle of the day, 11-3pm is the hottest part of the day.
(NHS Heatwave, 2016)
Commenting, COO of  Bluebird Care said:
Many vulnerable people feel lonely and isolated and we are often unaware of the real threat to life that extreme weather can cause to at risk groups.
Staying hydrated in the summer months is vital as the sun can often catch us off guard, giving little time to take precautions against the heat. It’s important to start planning for the hotter weather now by taking simple precautions like making sure you are aware of the weather forecast, finding an hour to keep cool, speaking to your neighbours about coping with extreme heat and make sure you are drinking enough fluids.
We are reminding everyone to ensure that they keep in regular contact with their friends and neighbours to take precautions to stay safe this summer.
If anyone would like further advice or are in need of home care over the summer, please contact your local Bluebird Care office.

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